LogicSMS Windows App

LogicSMS Windows App is an offline application that can be downloaded and installed on your pc or multiple pc's

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Refer a friend / Referral program

Refer a friend allows you to earn commission everytime 'your customer' buys credits

When your friends, family or business associates sign up to LogicSMS, ask them to provide your referal number when they join. They will then be linked to your profile.

When someone on your linked profile purchases credits you stand a chance to earn commission on that purchase and for all purchases they make in the future.

Link us to your website and Earn Money
Login and we will provide you with a simple link that you can place on your website. Anyone that signs up, after clicking on the link, will become your client and we will pay you everytime they buy credits.

  • Terms of use
  • We pay R0.01 per credit, therefore your clients that buy 10 000 credits, will earn you R100
  • Serious resellers who can maintain levels above 250 000 per month will get higher payouts
  • Payouts will be 2 months after an EFT payment and 6 month after a credit card payment.
  • Commission less than R500.00 will be carried over to the next payment cycle
  • No Commission will be paid out if the refered client was a client of LogicSMS in the past 3 years or the messages were for an entity that used LogicSMS in the last 3 years.
  • Commission is paid out for all services, including Bulk SMS, Voice and Premium SMS
  • Only applicable to clients you signed up after 25th of January 2013
  • Passive Income
  • No setup or monthly fees
  • No minimum credits purchase