LogicSMS Windows App

LogicSMS Windows App is an offline application that can be downloaded and installed on your pc or multiple pc's

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Bulk Voice / Robo Calls

This feature allows you to record a message and play it out to 1 or more landlines or cellphones simultaneously.

Campaigns can be setup to enable recipients to press buttons on their keypads, to provide feedback.

This feature is very flexible and can be used for the following:


Customers can be notified of account balances or pin codes / passwords, in a highly secure format. Example: LogicSMS user records the message: "Your account will be debited with", LogicSMS mail merges (links) the recorded clip with the actual balance and reads out the balance.


Bulk Voice messages are effective in reminding customers about events. Customers can press a button on their keypads to indicate their attendance or another button to indicate that they will not be attending th event.


Our system can call out numerous numbers and highlight certain specials. You immediately know who hung up and who listened to the special. Customers that listened to the whole message can be followed up.

Communication where literacy is an issue.

Did you know that 15% of adults in South Africa cannot read. Therefore you are loosing 15% of your sms, email and print communications. Stay in touch with this segment using Bulk Voice.

Surveys and Customer satisfaction

Do you know if your clients are satisfied with the service they have received? Send out a bulk voice message after rendering a service. You can ask them to rate your service. LogicSMS can assist you in setting up complicated surveys with multiple responses.

Validation of Landline numbers

Many website owners validate email addresses and cellphone numbers using email and SMS. Now you can validate a landline number too. LogicSMS can send a bulk voice message to request the customer to confirm that they did in fact sign up on your website. Customers who validate payments using Bulk Voice tend to reduce chargebacks.

SMS to Landlines

If a LogicSMS user sends an SMS to a landline number, LogicSMS will convert your SMS to a spoken message.

Bulk Email

Send bulk email messages via your favourite messaging platform - LogicSMS

Send well formatted emails using your existing credits

No need to know HTML code

Supports Attachments

1 credit = 10 emails

Bulk Email is currently in BETA phase, contact us if you wish to send bulk emails now

  • email the help desk at support@logicsms.co.za
  • No setup or monthly fees
  • No Minimum credits purchase