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LogicSMS Windows App is an offline application that can be downloaded and installed on your pc or multiple pc's

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SMS and VOICE Coverage List

LogicSMS is a leading bulk SMS and Bulk Voice Gateway, all of our links are high quality & extremly reliable. If your Network is missing, send us an email - click on contact or click here

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AustraliaAustralia619Cellular Network2.5
AustraliaAustralia610Cellular Network2.5
AustraliaAustralia611Cellular Network2.5
AustraliaAustralia612Cellular Network2.5
AustraliaAustralia613Cellular Network2.5
AustraliaAustralia614Cellular Network2.5
AustraliaAustralia615Cellular Network2.5
AustraliaAustralia616Cellular Network2.5
AustraliaAustralia617Cellular Network2.5
AustraliaAustralia618Cellular Network2.5
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