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LogicSMS Windows App is an offline application that can be downloaded and installed on your pc or multiple pc's

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History of LogicSMS

2002-1st Website Launched

After launching our first website, we made SMS simple and cost effective.

2005-New look & more services

Our second website introduced Premium SMS, EMail2SMS and more

2008-Evolution of more services

Bulk Voice, Premium SMS Price bands, Bulk Email and more

Our goals since 2001 have not changed


We ensure that our systems are running optimally. Our entire gateway is home grown to ensure the best possible performance


We constantly evaluate our selves to ensure that our service and our contact points (email, phone) are reliable


We try our very best to understand our clients and assist them with their unique requirement


SMS by nature is a money saving activity. LogicSMS strives to offer its customers the best prices without compromising service

Timeless Methodology

Market & Competitive Intelligence

We constantly evaluate the market ensuring that we are and will continue to offer relevant and cost effective products and solutions

Innovation & Technology Management

Our inhouse development team are constanly building and improving

Customer Analysis

We ensure that our systems are easy to use and can link with no user intervention to our clients systems.

Constant Self Analysis

We constantly look back and improve