LogicSMS Windows App

LogicSMS Windows App is an offline application that can be downloaded and installed on your pc or multiple pc's

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High Volume - Bulk SMS

LogicSMS offers high volume bulk sms accounts. High volume accounts are bulk sms accounts that are highly discounted. Minimum purchase is required.



Credits are prepaid

  • 500 000
  • 1 000 000 (1m) or more

EFT, Cash, Deposit

Electronic Funds Transfer, cash or bank deposit accepted
  • 14c (ex VAT)
  • 13c (ex VAT)


Credits are limited and will expire after the period indicated
  • 1 Month (30 days)
  • 1 Month (30 days)


Total pricing for example only on minimum volume (ex vat)
  • R 70 000 (ex vat)
  • R130 000 (ex vat)

Pricing per unit or credit. excludes VAT, South African Rands (ZAR), 1 Credit = 1 standard length sms (160 characters). Updated Sept 2015. Terms and Conditions apply. We will beat any genuine quotation from another WASP

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